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The house rules are to ensure the safety and wellbeing for every attendee under the roof of Noordwaards. With this in mind no one is exempt from our House Rules including staff, guests, partners, tenants, artists and other attendees. This space is experienced differently by everyone and your behaviour will have an influence on others' experiences. Therefore we reserve the right to refuse entry, remove you, ban entry and/or report to authorities when considered necessary. 


We do not accept any form of aggression, discrimination, exclusion, and physical and/or verbal harassment, - including but not limited to - xenophobia, homophobia, transphobia, racism, sexism, colourism, ableism, ageism. Any activity of this nature will lead to immediate removal and possible further measures.


Minimum age for entry as a guest is 21 years. The door host and security have the right and ability to ask for identification. When not provided for whatever reason, your access will be denied. 



Noordwaards holds a come-as-you-are and do-you mentality. Self expression through fashion is encouraged, but limited to dressing that may be considered offensive, hurtful and/or instigating violence. Noordwaards withhold the right to decline entrance and/or remove when not complying.


Appropriate footwear is required due to safety reasons. Open shoes like flip-flops, sandals, high heels, and anything with a thin sole is considered unsafe. Your access may be denied when considering wearing unsafe footwear.


During our club nights, we highly discourage to come with groups larger than 6 people, due to the influence of big groups in our space. 


Be considerate towards our neighbours, environment and other attendees when arriving, waiting, entering and leaving Noordwaards. Failure to do so can result in denial of access or removal from the venue.


Attendees unable to control themselves, visibly under the influence of substances or unwilling to cooperate with our staff, will be denied entry or removed from the space.


Bringing food and liquids (including liquid based hygiene products) into Noordwaards is prohibited. Please, make the door host and security aware of anything that is required for medical reasons.


By entering Noordwaards you agree to be searched. When you don’t agree to be searched we withhold the right to refuse entry. When feeling uncomfortable being searched by a specific team member, we will provide an alternative according to your needs.


When entering Noordwaards your phone camera will be covered. If you disagree with this term, Noordwaards retains the right to deny you access. For the sake of visitors’ privacy and their experience in our space, we ask you not to take pictures, film videos and use flash. Doing so will result in a warning and potential removal from the venue.


Smoking is only allowed at the designated smoking area on our courtyard. This includes e-cigarettes, vaporizer pens, regular tobacco and other smoke products. Smoking inside leads to immediate removal. 


Open use, possession and trade of illegal substances and weapons in and at Noordwaards is prohibited. First responders will be contacted when considered necessary.



Noordwaards’ use of lights and visuals could be dangerous to attendees with a sensitivity for seizures, epilepsy or individuals who have previously suffered from (a) stroke(s). Noordwaards cannot be held accountable for any injuries resulting from this cause.



To ensure attendees’ protection and our own Noordwaards uses camera surveillance in and around the premises.



Noordwaards is obligated to uphold the law and call first responders when considered necessary. 



Noordwaards can not be held responsible for lost items, although we do our utmost best to find lost properties. We store found items for a maximum of two weeks. If you think you might have lost something, get in touch with with a detailed description of your item and a photo if you have one. 


If you feel like sharing feedback to improve Noordwaards, get in touch with



Whenever an incident occurred and went under the radar, due to whatever reason, and needs Noordwaards attention, get in touch with 

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